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Create a more joyful life, step by step. In this exclusive new series, we’ll harness the wisdom of 11 experts who show us how to transform our lives so we can find more joy, every day.

Maybe you'd like to find more joy at work. Or make more time for joy. Or turn over a joyful new leaf in your relationships. It's all possible, and over the next two weeks you'll learn the small actions, perspective shifts, and tangible changes that can help you create the rich, abundant, joyful life you deserve.

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Two weeks to a more joyful life

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Hi, I’m Ingrid.

I'm a designer who has spent the last 10 years studying joy, and if there's one thing I know for certain, it's this: We all have the power to design a more joyful life.

In my 2018 TED talk and book Joyful, I shared my research on the way our surroundings can influence our emotions and wellbeing, and showed how simple things like bright colors, abundant patterns, and round shapes can help us cultivate more joy, every day.

My research on joy changed my life. And I began to wonder, What if we all could transform our lives for more joy? What if we could look at each area of our lives and take those small, meaningful steps that make us feel like we're living the life we truly want to be living? And the Joy Makeover was born.

Let's do it!


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